What's dis OwO

Hi, I am AlizarinRed! This is my homepage where I will be storing all of my future content I create solo, with friends, or with groups of people that all want finish a project that's goal is to let the Vinesauce Community have a laugh!

Below you will see different bundles of game's I compiled for Vinny from Vinesauce and other Cool Projects! Some which are in the works right now!

The Lizard Crate 

Lizard Crate is a bundle of games that I've bundled together and sent Vinny digitally and physically. The games are categorized in 3 forms: Good Games, Weird Games, and "Not Games".

So far I have made 5 Different Lizard Crates which you can all download/pay each game from each bundle below:

Vinesauce Kart 65 & Knuckles

Made for the Vinesauce Is Hope Charity Stream 2017 but sadly missed the race line by 3 days. The game however was streamed along side a few other projects meant for the Charity Stream.

Fan Art used are all made by Vinesauce Fans and the Developers and other Twitch and Video Game logos.

Made by: AlizarinRed - DryBoney - Mib_f8sm9c - thepsynergist 
Thanks for origami64.net for the help and support for the creation of the tools!

When you download the game make sure you drag and drop the Project 64 Folder onto the Desktop and play the Emulator inside it. This will allow you to use all the textures with the custom plugin built into this emulator.

Vinemon: Sauce Edition

It's Sunday night and Vinny is about to stream his weekly helping of trash. Tonight's showcase: the eponymous Vinemon. Suddenly the power goes out, only for Vinny to find he's been pulled into the game's world. Joined by Imakuni and other streamers, Vinny will battle against the dastardly Mike Love, who's been using his clout to sue Fannoth into oblivion. To return home, Vinny will have to pacify Mike Love, an old foe seeking revenge, and the arrival of an all-new menace that's been gestating for a long time...

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